How does one explain federal food stamp rules to Hank Hudson of the Montana DPHHS?

How does one explain federal food stamp rules to Hank Hudson of the Montana DPHHS?

Hank Hudson says there is no relationship between paying traffic fines, mandatory auto insurance and increases in food stamp nrs. (NO deduction allowed for these)Allen Nichels says (correctly) that those eligible for food stamps can collect food stamps due to paying traffic fines, and mandatory auto insurance costs, thereby causing a food stamp skyrocket. How do we explain this to Hank Hudson of the Montana DPHHS


I think TOO many people are on food stamps that totally abuse the system!! I'm not against helping people in need (God knows I've been in need many times!!) But people totally abuse it and go out of their way to suck the system while others that need temporary help can't get it!! Food stamps should be a TEMPORARY thing until someone gets back on their feet! Not a way of life! I don't think that they should include traffic fines, that is ridiculous. Behave on the road and you (possibly) won't get a ticket!! How about they include GAS prices so us ALL can get a little help! Haha!



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