How does Toll Road past due bills work?

How does Toll Road past due bills work?

I have gottennumerous invoices for driving on the toll road... I have not paid 1 of those invoices so they have all went to citations and more and fees have acquired on top of the original invoices... so now I'-m just wondering if when I call the customer service so now I'-m just wondering if when I call the customer service if they will settle with me or am I stuck paying 100 percent of what I owe? Please send details. I'-m in Collin county Texas.


In my experience, when you wait until after they have added fees, they will eventually take you to court and get a money judgment against you (this dings your credit pretty badly much like a defaulted auto loan or mortgage).Reducing any owed amount by "settling" is an activity that occurs only once you have a default judgment and the debt is sold, or you're getting garnished (neither of which is fun). But right now, there's very little you can do to budge them. Not saying you can't try, but I just don't think they will, because it's already gotten pretty far. But you never know...The BEST thing you can do at this point is to make a call first thing in the morning and tell them you'd like to figure out how to pay what's owed. It's not going to get any less but you can keep them from trying to collect and ruining your credit. It's one of those lessons in life that you never want to happen, but that inevitably does at certain points (I have lots of them, like when insurance doesn't pay as much as you think, your car breaks down and you need $2500 for a down payment for something to drive, baby gets sick, your A/C breaks.. always ends up happening and is just part of life that we're supposed to "eat" then go on).The full details of the consequences of various actions (or lack thereof) are typically clearly stated on the bill, but that might be what I remember after taking a hasty right on red at Legacy and 121 (which they claimed I didn't completely stop, which is partially true) and getting a ticket mailed to be from the City of Plano.I actually ran a bunch of tolls, and they gave me a fee of like $30 for every toll, they're really nice if you catch them in the beginning. The first bill I got for like a month of doing this was well over $500, but we pled stupidity, because we honestly thought since I didn't have cash EVER in the car, and thought I'd just get a bill in the mail for the full cash toll, we said we'd get a toll tag (which I still have and use), and they gladly nixed all the fees and it was something like the $20-30 in actual tolls I had pay. Mind you we called RIGHT when we got the invoice, we didn't wait until citations and penalties added up. Just fees for running the tolls.But once you dodge them and get penalties, you must pay the penalties or go to court and ruin your credit.Next time take care of it earlier. Easier said than done, my $500 bill happened right in the middle of college, I was making like $100 a week, and my mom was PISSED because she was on the registration with me and got the bill. So don't feel alone, it's just kinda one of those things you gotta take care of early.Sorry this happened :( Stinks, it's expensive to drive 121, but that's exactly how I got a $500 bill before they started the ZipCash thing lolSource(s):Lived in Collin County for 24 years, and drove 121 to work for 3 of those 24 years. I now live in Southern Oklahoma (no tolls, less traffic)



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