How expensive is it really to live in America?

How expensive is it really to live in America?

What is the cost of living in the States. I mean to feed a family of four, to clothe them, buy a average house etc. How does it compare with other countries?


The US is home to many large cities and also many small cities. There is no wonder the cost of living here in US ranges from a few thousand dollars (less than $2000 a month) in one city to several thousand dollars (over $4000 a month) in another city.Cost of living in east coast and the extreme west coast(New York, Boston, San Fransisco, Los Angeles to name a few) is relatively high, compared to cities in the southern central part of USA. Cost of living depends upon several cost factors like place of residence, housing or apartment rents, auto insurance and health insurance, state taxes, food and utilities etc.Source(s):…


It all depends on where in the United States you mean. New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are absurdly expensive while Houston or San Antonio are cheap.


It depends on which part. To live in Southern California, you would need a household income of at least $90,000 a year to live in a decent place - and we're not talking Malibu. New York could cost significantly more. The best thing for you to do is find a cost of living calculator on the internet and try a few different places. Try this one for starters:…Source(s):CNN Money



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