How is my auto insurance effected in NJ?

How is my auto insurance effected in NJ?

We live in NJ. Recently I recieved a 4 pt ticket in South Brunswick (67 in 55 zone). My wife already has two tickets in the last 18 months. A 2 pointer and a no point citation for unsafe operation of vehicle. How will my auto insurance effected? Since this makes 3 offenses in last 3 years, are we in danger zone?




On your next renewal (well right before), your company will pull motor vehicle records. Just so you know, just because a ticket is "no points" on your license, doesn't necessarily mean no insurance points. An at fault accident is 5 insurance points, a DWI, driving without insurance or driving while suspended is 9 insurance points (none of these put "points" on your drivers license). Each point assigned makes your insurance increase for 3 yrs.It used to be (I don't know if this has changed) that 9 insurance points - in 3 yrs - for one driver caused a nonrenewal of the policy. Hopefully neither of you has an at fault accident anytime soon, because if you do, you will likely be nonrenewed.Source(s):Was an agent in NJ.



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