How long do I have to report an auto claim?

How long do I have to report an auto claim?

Three months ago I hit a pillar avoiding a toddler in a parking garage, not that that matters, but whatever. I had JUST gotten insurance (like 2nd payment just) so I didn'-t want to make a claim. So I went to garages and got quotes and since it was $1600-2400 I figured I'-d save up for it. It'-s not looking like I'-m going to do that right away and I'-m worried that the vehicle will rust etc. Can I still make a claim or is it too late?I'-m in AB, Canada and I'-m with TD. Any advice would be appreciated.


I don't think this would differ provincially, but I checked with a claims adjuster at Canada's largest home and auto insurer, Intact (the adjuster works in Ontario). In all likelihood, your claim will be covered. I am told that claims are routinely reported late in many cases. For example, someone hits a bump in the road, and realizes 2-3 months later that the undercarriage of the car is damaged. It could be for any other reason as well. The only case where you could have problems is if the insurance company suspects that the damage was pre-exisiting (before you signed up for the policy). But as long as your story lines up with the extent of damage, you should be fine. Just be direct and honest as to why you didn't report the claim. Keep in mind that, because this is single vehicle accident, it is at fault for you, and could affect your rates, or you eligibility for insurance in future depending on your past record.Insurance exists to compensate you for accidental damage to your property, and as long as the accident happened after the policy started, even one day, it should be covered.Source(s):Checked with a claims adjusterCIP (Chartered Insurance Professional)



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