How long does it take an insurance claim?

How long does it take an insurance claim?

My condo was broken into, my things stolen, and I filed a claim with my insurance company. Every week I call my insurance adjuster and every week he says hes waiting for ppl to call him back (ie the police officer that showed up, etc). How long is it supposed to take and should I speak to his supervisor?


Anytime there is a theft claim, be it your residence or auto, they investigate these very closely due to a lot of fraud.And yes, a lot of adjusters can play phone tag and not be able to talk to certain people to get answers or info. Police officers are some of the worst to contact due to their shifts and sometimes you have to go thu their bosses to get permission.On auto claims, the general rule is 30 days to allow for them to find the auto before they pay. But in your condo, could be longer and you will have to document a lot to validate you lost. If for instance nothing has happened w/in 30 days, then call his supervisor and ask reason for delay or if there is something you can do to speed the process.good luck


Theft claims can easily take weeks - they need a copy of the police report, etc.You sure can talk to his supervisor. I'm not sure how much it will help, though.



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