How long does it take for auto insurance to lower?

How long does it take for auto insurance to lower?

What age does your auto insurance lower after being a first driver? I'-m 17 now...


Depends on your record, but rule of thumb when you turn 25


about 25


It drops a little bit every year (every age, 18, 19, 20, 21, etc.) until age 25, then every 5 years after that (25, 30, 35, etc.) on account of your age increasing. It also decreases due to your number of years of driving experience increasing.


Usually 7 years driving, you see the first real decrease, and then when you hit 30, also. In some states, men see a big decrease when they get married, as well.


18, and then 25I got quotes for my son when he was 16, and was pleasantly surprised when he finally got his license at 18 to see the price was lower. The agent said it was because of his age. He turned 25 earlier this year and the premium for the car my son drives dropped substantially.


It depends on the laws of the state where you live. Some states do it by age (usually 25) and some states do it by total years of driving experience.Call your insurance company and ask them. That's their job -- to answer questions from their customers.


by 21 if you get 3 years no claims it really helpsinsurance also steadily rises a littl e each year I now have 10 years no claims and the past 5 years my insurance has gone up in price a little



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