How long is the grace period for the monthly payments for GMAC auto insurance?

How long is the grace period for the monthly payments for GMAC auto insurance?

Had some unexpected expenses arise and I may have to wait a week after the due date to make my next payment. I'-ve never had to do this and it wouldn'-t be any longer than a week, but I just want to make sure my coverage doesn'-t lapse if I have to do this.


It depends on the laws of your state. The standard auto policy states the insurance company has to give you a minimum of 10 days on a cancellation notice. The cancellation notice will usually be issued between 1 & 10 days after the due date of the bill. Your state can either use the 10 days or give more (my state gives 15 but a neighboring state gives the standard 10). Now, if this is a renewal policy, it is different. Most companies still use the cancellation notice days as per state law but some companies can let the policy expire without the standard cancellation notice. It will be stated on your renewal bill if the policy just expires at renewal if no payment is received by that date. Some companies use the postmark date, some companies use the received date. Now, if you have an agent, payment to the agent is payment to the company so if you take the payment to your agent, this will be considered the received date. Also, now many companies take payments online & on the phone.To be sure, the best place to check is with the billing department of the company or your agent.


There is no "grace period" for auto insurance.There is a DUE date, and if the payment isn't made by the due date, they issue a CANCELLATION notice, giving you XYZ more days to pay, before the policy is CANCELLED.The number of days they give you to pay, varies. Some states as few as five days, some as many as 20 days. It varies by state, according to state law. But the cancellation goes into effect at 12:01am, ON THAT DATE. And they don't have to honor the meter date, either.Source(s):agent, 21+ years



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