How much auto insurance coverage should I carry???

How much auto insurance coverage should I carry???

If you are involved in an at fault accident and/or your vehicle is stolen and you can afford a $1000 deductible, go ahead and increase your deductible. If not, keep the $500.Don'-t mess with those liability limits. State minimum requirements will not protect you if you are legally responsible for a severe injury and or a significant amount of property damage. Your insurance will pay up to the limits, and you are still on the hook for any settlement/judgment beyond your limits. What are your PD limits? You should have at least $50k. What happens if you rearend a new Mercedes and total it? AZ'-s minimum limits will not be enough.Source(s):Claims Professional


u'll pay that much in those states down south, trying moving up to the northern states and u'll drop a few hundred


u'll pay that much in those states down south, trying moving up to the northern states and u'll drop a few hundred


get a $500 deductible not $1000I'd recommend somewhere in the middle unless your a riskydriver you don't want to have just the minimum but you probably do not need the highest you get older have a better car get more.Minimum levels of required auto insuranceBy Insure.comAll 50 states have different requirements when it comes to auto insurance. In some states, motorists can't register a car without showing proof that they have liability insurance, while other states use an "honor system" that doesn't ask for proof of insurance until drivers have accidents or tickets on their records.Only two states do not require motorists to carry liability coverage, but those that do demand that drivers purchase at least the state's minimum. In other words, if you live in a state that requires liability insurance, you can't walk into your insurance agent's office and buy only $2,000 worth of liability coverage. If you're going to buy it, you must purchase at least the minimum amount required.How to read liability limitsThe following information will help you understand the table of liability limits.First number: bodily injury liability maximum for one person injured in an accident.Second number: bodily injury liability maximum for all injuries in one accident.Third number: property damage liability maximum for one accident.So, looking at the table, you find that in Alabama the minimum liability limits are $20,000 for injury liability for one person in an accident, $40,000 for all injuries in an accident, and $10,000 for property damage in an accident.What is no-fault?Some states have "no-fault" laws, meaning your auto policy must pay medical bills for injuries suffered in an auto accident regardless of who caused the accident. The laws were enacted in an attempt to reduce auto-injury fraud and keep car insurance costs down.State Liability required? Liability minimums (in thousands of dollars) PIP required? No-fault state? Uninsured motorist coverage required?Alabama Yes, 20/40/10 No No NoAlaska Yes, 50/100/25 No No NoArizona Yes, 15/30/10 No No NoArkansas Yes, 25/50/25 Yes No NoCalifornia (1) Yes, 15/30/5 No No NoColorado Yes, 25/50/15 No No NoConnecticut Yes, 20/40/10 No No YesDelaware Yes, 15/30/10 Yes No NoFlorida (2) No, 10/20/10 Yes Yes NoGeorgia Yes, 25/50/25 No No NoHawaii Yes, 20/40/10 Yes Yes NoIdaho Yes, 25/50/15 No No NoIllinois Yes, 20/40/15 No No YesIndiana Yes, 25/50/10 No No NoIowa Yes, 20/40/15 No No NoKansas Yes, 25/50/10 Yes Yes YesKentucky Yes, 25/50/10 Yes Yes NoLouisiana Yes, 10/20/10 No No NoMaine (3) Yes, 50/100/25 No No YesMaryland (4) Yes, 20/40/15 Yes No YesMassachusetts Yes, 20/40/5 Yes Yes YesMichigan Yes, 20/40/10 Yes Yes NoMinnesota Yes, 30/60/10 Yes Yes YesMississippi Yes, 25/50/25 No No NoMissouri Yes, 25/50/10 No No YesMontana Yes, 25/50/10 No No NoNebraska Yes, 25/50/25 No No NoNevada Yes, 15/30/10 No No NoNew Hampshire No, 25/50/25 No No YesNew Jersey (5) Yes, 15/30/5 Yes Yes YesNew Mexico Yes, 25/50/10 No No NoNew York (6) Yes, 25/50/10 Yes Yes YesNorth Carolina Yes, 30/60/25 No No NoNorth Dakota Yes, 25/50/25 Yes Yes YesOhio Yes, 12.5/25/7.5 No No NoOklahoma Yes, 25/50/25 No No NoOregon Yes, 25/50/10 Yes No YesPennsylvania Yes, 15/30/5 Yes Yes NoRhode Island (2) Yes, 25/50/25 No No YesSouth Carolina Yes, 25/50/25 No No YesSouth Dakota Yes, 25/50/25 No No YesTennessee (2) Yes, 25/50/10 No No NoTexas Yes, 25/50/25 No No NoUtah (2) Yes, 25/50/15 Yes Yes NoVermont Yes, 25/50/10 No No YesVirginia Yes, 25/50/20 Yes No YesWashington Yes, 25/50/10 No No NoWashington D.C. Yes, 25/50/10 No No YesWest Virginia Yes, 20/40/10 No No YesWisconsin No, 25/50/10 No No YesWyoming Yes, 25/50/20 No No No1) Low-cost policy limits for drivers in the California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan are 10/20/3.(2) Instead of policy limits, policyholders can satisfy the requirement with a single combined policy. Amounts vary by state.(3) In addition, policyholders must carry $1,000 for medical payments.(4) PIP may be waived for the policyholder but it is compulsory for passengers.(5) Basic policy (optional) limits are 10/10/5. UM/UIM coverage is not available under a basic policy but UIM is required under a standard policy.(6) In addition, policyholders must have 50/100 for wrongful death coverage.EDIT: call you insurance company and ask them, I was thinking the same as you and found out that, lowering the coverage did not save a lot of money so I just left it like it was. they might even have a website that you can adjust the coverages and get diff prices.Source(s):…


It depends on which state you live in. Each state has a certain amount you have to carry to be legal. It also depends on how old the car is and what kind of shape it is in.



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