How much can you lie while obtaining new auto insurance?

How much can you lie while obtaining new auto insurance?

I'-d like to know... Whenever you'-re trying to obtain new auto insurance they take your driver'-s license number &- social security number.. You'-d think that they could look up any tickets/accidents you'-ve gotten into. BUT, why do they ask?If you "-forget"- an incident, will they find out?This is coming from a 21 year old who was already paying $1,200 over 6 months for insurance and was involved in an rear-end collision doing 15 in congestion on the interstate, now my premium is $2000 for 6 months.


First they can tell, so why do they ask...easy.They ask you, you lie, they give you insurance and you make first payment, they catch your record and then charge you max which you have to pay because you lied. Its higher then maybe you would have paid, they get you at the highest price they can charge where as before you might have walked away because of the high price.


as much as you-re willing to accept the consequences for. realizing that if you lie and don't get caught, as soon as you have an accident and they look and see you lied, they just deny coverage on basis of fraud (technical definition for what you are proposing) and you are up poop creek without a shovel. same affect as driving without insurance.


When you are buying insurance the company just wants your money,so a lie is not so important, but, if you have an accident the full might of the said company will dis end on you.IF they find so much as a small fib, they wont pay , your policy can be declared void.Best to be honest first time round.


Well, if your insurer 'finds out' about something you didn't disclose to them after the policy is written they can revoke your policy retro-actively to the inception date. If you happen to bump into a $60,000 Mercedes and send three people to the ER you will have to pay for it out of pocket.Go ahead -- roll the dice......



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