How much do you pay for your auto insurance per year?

How much do you pay for your auto insurance per year?

Is it true that the more expensive your car is, the insurance will automatically go up, too? Isn'-t the older car need more insurance cover since they are more easy to get into accident?I don'-t know much about auto insurance, so you can share some of your knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! =D


If you have a claim with a new car versus an older car and the car is totaled for instance, the insurance will end up paying out more money on a new car since its worth more thats why the insurance is more expensive, they expect to pay more.I'm 27, had 4 tickets (one just came off) when I purchased my most recent insurance, and its got decent limits but not the best and full coverage as I have a loan. Mine cost $93/month


There are alot of different factors that go in to determining your insurance rate. Yes, the newer the car, the more expensive it will be to insure because its worth more. Older cars tend to be a bit cheaper to insure just because they are older and aren't worth as much.Insurance rates are not just based on the type of car you drive either. The insurance company will look at your age, location, driving record, credit history, and martial status as well.Source(s):


Your rates depend on your driving record, your car, your insurance needs, your credit and past history and where you live.An older car is cheaper to insure because you will likely only need liability insurance.



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