How much do you pay monthly for full coverage auto insurance ?

How much do you pay monthly for full coverage auto insurance ?

I just want to get an idea of paying for auto insurance monthly for a 2000 nissan maxima. I just want to know what kind of car, what company, and how much if its alright. Thank you :)


I drive an old sedan and pay about $400 a year, now won't ya tell me what shoes you wearing and if they fit you alright as I want to get me some tooSource(s):what I know


Male driver's between the age of 18 to 25 can expect to pay anywhere between $150 to $400 monthly for insurance, depending on specific type of coverage, area of the country, and past history.


I pay less than $500 a year full coverage, cassic policy limited mileage.. it's an old 1973 Lincoln Continental Mk. IV which spends more time in the garage than out.


What someone else pays for insurance has absolutely nothing at All to do with what you may pay for insurance. You M U S T ask an insurance company what it will cost. Asking here or anywhere else is a total waste of your time.



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Do I need to pay taxes on an automobile insurance payout on my old car that was a total loss in an accident?
No, the concept behind insurance is called indemnity.It means' to make whole'You LOST an asset when your car was totaled.You were simply 'made whole' by the insurance company.You did not profit from it.It's a wash.Most times, insurance (any insurance) payout is not taxable.

Why would an auto insurance company delay a ruling?
They don't make rulings, they have "findings". If they aren't making the 'finding', that means they're missing some information, or something is unclear.Their policyholder isn't liable, until a judge says they are, or until they accept liability. Police do NOT determine fault - they only...

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Yes, if you were driving another person's car and were at fault for totaling that car, the insurance company of that car does have the legal right to come after you to reimburse them for the damages you caused. The process is called subrogation.Here's a good article about subrogation:http://en...

Is it legal in Oklahoma to carry auto insurance on a vehicle that is not titled in your name?
Yes you can... I have done so for years .... of course I expect to get thumb downs from the ever knowing all thumb downers, but the insurance company is very much aware of this and I do carry the insurance..