How much does auto insurance cost for teenagers?

How much does auto insurance cost for teenagers?

I'-m a 16 year old hoping to get my license soon. But I have a question about how much insurance would cost for me. I'-m a male, and also do they lower the cost if you have good grades, etc? I have a 4.0 GPA.


See this page, there's a quick guide on insurance buying and you can also get priced up with free quotes at the bottom…


Ok, let's say you get yourself a nice brand new Bugatti on a lease and you live in a rough neighborhood and have no garage, it'll cost you about one cool million, or the price of the whole car each month.But a 16 year old kid that doesn't have to have a "cool" car and has about a grand in cash to buy one and lives near the desert can expect to pay about $65 for state minimum.Both covers can only be taken if you are added to your parent's insurance, till you get to 18.Yes they do they lower the cost if you have good grades.


Depends on the state.Depends on the car.Depends on the use of the car.Depends on the statistics of the individual.Grades barely matter at all. Sure, you get a marginal discount, but think of it logically...what does having a good grade prove about your driving ability? Not a thing.So, while there is a discount, it's barely anything.Call insurance companies, if you want real quotes. It's not hard.


yes, many companies do give a discount for 3.50 or better-but lots of other factors matter even more. Driver's ed. helps too. Any adults with good records that you have listed as drivers also help (if they're driving it you're not) but you need to research this online or by calling agents, and make sure you give them all the information and ask,ask,ask questions. A good agent wants you to know what you're getting.



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