How much does it cost for a dealer licenses so i can go to Auto Auctions?

How much does it cost for a dealer licenses so i can go to Auto Auctions?

i live In NY state and if i want to go to Auto Auctions in another state would it work there too? and where would do i go to get it?........thanks alot


you have to get it in your statein florida you need a 30k bond and it takes about another 8k in licenses,and some small courses you have to takealso buy this it will help you a lot


You do not need a dealers license to go to these sales, you can get a builders license, this is much cheaper and much easier to apply for. You simply contact you department of motor vehicles and ask then the requirments for abuilders certificate and the costs, have them send you the paper work.A dealers license depending on what state you live in require that you have a certain amount of floor space for showing cars, a minimum insurance of 1 million in comp and so on.



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