How much does it cost to register a passenger vehicle in your province or state?

How much does it cost to register a passenger vehicle in your province or state?

Here in Alberta, Canada a non-commercial passenger vehicle costs $69. a year to register. That fee covers the auto license only- no insurance. For that meagre fee, one can register the tiniest Smart Car to the most obscene Hummer. I want to compare that rate to the cost of registering a vehicle around North America, especially sliding rates, those that depend on the size of the vehicle.


Some states have a flat fee for registration, others have a complicated and convoluted formula for figuring it out. In my state, Oklahoma for an example:Flat fee, value and age: $15.00 plus 1.25%of the factory delivered price. Fee for2nd through 12th year is $15.00 plus90 percent of the previous year's percentagefee. The fee will be the same for the 12thyear through the 20th year. A $1.75 admin.fee and a $3.00 general revenue fund feeare included in columns (2) through (4). The$15.00 registration fee is eliminated forvehicles 21 years or older.If you'd like to see it for other states, I've included a table here:Source(s):…


here in california it depends on the year and model of car and price of the car.


I have a chevy caprice wagon, a mazda miata, and a jeep liberty...they all cost around 120-160 USD per year to register here in Michigan...this is one of the cheapest states in the union



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