How much does it cost to ship a Mazda Protege5 from South Carolina to Alaska?

How much does it cost to ship a Mazda Protege5 from South Carolina to Alaska?

My husband and I are moving from SC to Elmendorf AFB, AK. and we must pay to ship my vehicle. Help me out?


Quick answer: $2871.Five options I see (I've done this a few times myself):1. Hire an auto transporter. Many that you'll find in your phone book won't service Alaska, so here are several from the Anchorage phone book:Alaska Auto Transport: 907-222-6666 They gave me the $2871 figure from Charleston SC to Anchorage, AK, truck to Seattle then barge to Anchorage. About 3 weeksin transit, I'd guess.Alaska Cehicle Transport 907-561-2899Allied Automotive Group: 907-278-4733Horizon LInes of Alaska: 907-274-2671Totem Ocean Trailer Express 1-800-234-8683Wrightway Auto Carriers: 907-277-45492. Drive it to Bellingham, Washington and put it on the "State Ferry", be on board the ferry for 3 days, and then drive it the 800 miles from Haines to Anchorage. Alaska Marine Highway: 907-272-44823. Match up with someone who wants to get to Alaska. Typically, you provide the car at no cost, and they pay for the gas and their own food/lodging. Over 5,000 miles, that will use about 170 gallons of gas in a Protege and cost ($2.50/gallon for half of it, but $3.75/gallon for the northern half) $530 just for gas. But they pay that, not you. If you go that route, you should check their driver's license and that they are insured. As should they check your license, registration and insurance. Write them a note and have it notarized, that they have your permission to drive it through Canada. I've done that several times for friends and have had other people drive my car from OR to AK. Ask around, try Craigslist for Anchorage, and look at ride-share boards on-line or at college campuses.4. Drive it yourself. Gas will about equal airfare, but food and lodging will make it more expensive than having someone else drive it. It may still be cheaper than having it shipped professionally. Or rent a U-Haul truck with tow dolly. Put your household items in the truck and load the Mazda on the dolly. I've done that from Seattle and made it up in 2-1/2 days (we move quick). It is a pain to drive a truck and tow a car (you can't back up, essentially), but doable. U-haul offers one-ways to Alaska. Ryder does not. Figure about 9 miles per gallon for a 21-foot truck over 5,000 miles. 550 gallons = $1700 in fuel. Plus lodging. Plus rental and one-way fees ($3,000-ish??)5. Sell it in NC and buy a similar car in AK. In bush towns, used cars are overpriced, because they have to be shipped in. But Anchorage is on the road system, has new car dealers (including Mazda), and the price of used cars is close to what it would be in the 48 states. Plus an Alaskan car would (should!) already have engine and battery heaters installed and may come with snow tires mounted on rims ($1200 right there).Unless you're really attached to that particular car, selling yours and buying used is a really good option for many, many things. Alaskans move in and out of state a lot so garage sales and Goodwill/Salvation Army have many things for cheap. But if the military is paying for your moving expenses, maybe that is the way to go.Source(s):Been there, done that: driven the Alaskan Highway 9 times, taken the Ferry, done driveway as owner and as driver.



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