How much would insurance be for a 99-04 mustang convertible?

How much would insurance be for a 99-04 mustang convertible?

I'-m 17 and I have had my license for 9 months. I am under my parents name..I want liability. I have a 97 toyota camry and i think it is $67 a month for liability. I'-ve been looking into convertible mustangs 99-04. V6 and automatic. Would it dramatically rise then what we are already paying?


if all you want is liability, it will be about the same....if you borrow money to pay for the car, you will have to carry collision, and comp as well...


You need to ask your parents to get you a quote. Too many factors go into insurance for anybody to answer for you...


depends on where you live. My 19 year old daughter drives a red mustang conv (2000) v-6 auto. In north texas its close to 5000.00 a year. full coverage.



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