How much is Car Insurance for a 17 year old Boy in NJ?

How much is Car Insurance for a 17 year old Boy in NJ?

I recently got my license and my mom added me to her insurance. For 1 month they are charging approximately $400. This seems really outrageous. Car is a 2007 Toyota Camry. I also have above a 3.0 average and supposedly get some kind of discount. What are your opinions on this price?


You're a teenaged male. Your auto insurance rates are going to be obscene. You might find a slightly better rate somewhere, but it will never be cheap. Blame all the millions of teenage boys before you who got into accidents and racked up lots of tickets.


Depending on where in NJ, that may not be too bad, but at 17, you're stuck with mom's insurance until you're 18, when you can buy your own. However, it'll be worse for you alone at 18, so it'll probably be best to stick with mom as long as you can.


your cost for insurance will be high, try seeing how much it will cost to insure yourself,progressive, esurance , and try american commerce insurancei would say $200-$300 per month is your price range



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