How much is it a month for a jeep wrangler rubicon?

How much is it a month for a jeep wrangler rubicon?

I'-m looking to get a jeep wrangler (preferably a 2010 rubicon). I make about 450 a month. Can I afford to buy or lease one? How much a month? Do you know anywhere in NH or Mass that have used ones? I'-m looking for 2007 and up. Preferably white.Thanks a lot!


You're asking a question that no one can answer without better understanding a few factors1. What kind of loan rate do you qualify for2. How much is the purchase price of the Rubicon (could be anywhere from $28,000 - $35,000 for a 2010. Or a heavily used 2007 could go as low as $18,000)Google auto loan calculator...nevermind I did it for you: out what kind of interest rates you qualify for and go to townIf you want my opinion....if all you make is $450 a month then no, you cant. You'll have to pay insurance and these vehicles do not get great gas milage (look for 16-18mpg)...Look at getting a wrangler X. The Rubi's a great Wrangler but if you don't plan on using it for a lot of intense off roading then it's completely unnecessary, and often geared lower so makes for a rougher day to day vehicle (slower acceleration, lower highway speeds). Other wranglers are completly capable offroad vehicles and meet the moderate offroaders needs wonderfully....or you can find an X/Sport with the upgraded rear Dana 44 axleSource(s):2005 TJ Sport Owner



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