How much is my insurance claim worth for pain and suffering and loss of consortium?

How much is my insurance claim worth for pain and suffering and loss of consortium?

Has and auto accident and other party was at fault. After going to the ER and having ct scan, 6 labs, 5 xrays, ekg I went to my follow up apt with my doctor 5 days later and she kept me out of work for another week and sent me back to hospital for more x rays. After going to next visit she kept me out another week then dismissed me back to work a week later. I have been out of work for 3 weeks for soft tissue, whip last and back pain. During this time they had me on hydrocodon which made me extremely constipated to where I was whipping 5-6 times a day one I started taking stool softeners which made my rectum bleed and put me in even more pain. I am now starting to go back to work and am in better shape and ready to settle my claim. Problem is I'-m not sure how much to settle for. My medical bills are roughly $10000, lost wages for 3 weeks is about $3600. The whole thing has been a burden on me. How much should I ask for from the at fault parties insurance company for pain and suffering and loss of consortium? I'-m already at a loss of $13600+ on my bills and lost wages. What should be my first demand and how much should I actually settle for? I do not have an attorney nor do I really care to go through the hassle of getting one unless absolute need be.


Loss of consortium is only if your married and pain and suffer ending will equal how bad the injury was. I would call this helpline to get an answer (818) 2-legal-4. Good luck


An attorney would get you more money, but the longer you wait to settle because you need follow up care, and may have long term injuries. Get an attorney, the insurance company will back off, and you will petentially get the maximum their policy allows.Source(s):Insurance Agent


You have a trip to the ER and a follow up with your family have a sprain/strain injury and missed a few weeks of work.The ct's, xrays don't add to the value other than dollar for dollar. Since you were diagnosed with a sprain/strain, all that boat load of xrays showed is you are getting older and were not injured. They don't make your claim worth more.The constipation is not their problem either. You needed to drink more water or see your doc about that side effect. That does not increase the value of the claim. But if you want to point that out to the claim rep, please do, they'll get a good giggle about it after getting off the phone with you.A sprain/strain is not a high value claim. It's probably worth a few thousand over the bills and wages.Source(s):** not an attorney. not legal advice.



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