How much should I expect to pay for auto insurance in Ontario?

How much should I expect to pay for auto insurance in Ontario?

Gender: MaleAge: 22G1 license date: October 2009G2 license date: January 2010G license date: January 2011 until nowType of vehicle: Brand new Volkswagen Golf 2.5L 3-doorsAccident record: NoneI tried to get a quote online, and ended up to $46- per month. Is it normal?

Hello,It does depend on your location: in some areas of Toronto it is $400 per month!!! But take a more remote location, you'll be better off with $150-160. Quote of $46/mo does not sound right... not for Ontario anyway...Good luck!Source(s):


just your luck,I'm 21 in ontario, looking to buy a 02 jetta 1.8t, a 06 focus GFX, or a first gen mazda 3I have My G, 2 speeding tickets.When I forgot to check the box on the online quote saying I had been insured with them before, heres my quotes ( I actually was insured with them before)1.8t= 260focus GFX= 315mazda 3= 260-280then when I clicked said box1.8t=160focus GFX= 180mazda 3= if youd been insured before then i suggest sticking with the companyThe insurance company was Belair Direct and I'm from sudbury....where you live, and what company you choose will vary the price. (I assume toronto driving is more expensive).Hope you can get an idea from around, its not hard and worth the time.


It depends heavily on where in Ontario you live. The quote sounds too low for someone in your situation regardless of where in Ontario your live, but you never know.Source(s):Ontario broker


don't be so lazy, contact a bank in your area, and ask about insurance, most carry car -life etc.Royal bank / Bank of Montreal etc.



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