How much should i sell my car for?

How much should i sell my car for?

Soooooo.... I want to sell my car to get a new one with a bigger engine now my insurance has come down, so I was thinking of putting it on auto-trader but i dont have a bloody clue how much its worth... So could anyone have a stab in the dark at it!? taIts:A 1.0Litre Vauxhall Corsa54 Reg26,000 MilesMetallic Black'-Energy'- 3 Door1 Lady Owner, no Scratches etcCD Player...erm... Alloy WheelsI'-m not very knowledgable on Cars so don'-t really know what else, thats the basics. I saw one exactly the same on auto-trader for ?4,800, but that seems a tad steep to me. I think i paid around ?8000 for it new!This may be impossible, any help wud be good, ta!


Generally these type of cars after 3 years are worth around 45% of the new price. So if it were ?8000 new probably about ?3600 now. Although in writing that I'd say that sounds quite cheap.One thing to add though, why did you literally blow away ?8,000 on a brand new car when your emphasis was on saving money? A superior used car at ?2,000 would have been far cheaper short and long term, and no less reliable today. Not to mention a darn site nicer to drive!!!


compare prices in auto trader and local newspapers average them out ..that should be a fair price that should be a fair price to ask ..or you could go to your local dealership and ask them what the car is worth


if youre asking 4800 for it dont let them nock you down 800 quid try and see if you can get 4500 remember if any one comes to look at it at that price then they are interested.


why dont you just buy a go-cart with a 12 h.p. briggs and stratton engine. thatll be a bigger engine than the 1 liter you presently have, and insurance wont go up a dime. good luck.


I'll offer 50p a half eaten packet of salt 'n vinegar crisps, a button i found in my pocket and an old sock


go /to /website /look up value /trade value/ buy value /sell value


id run it for around 4500,and then maybe take a little less,it sounds like a good car ,and with low miles on it also ,that's going to be a good selling point for it,it will sell if the price is right,but don't give it away either,its still worth a lot but today people are looking for deals,price it right though and it will sell really fast,good luck hope this helps.Source(s):been a certified mechanic for 37 yrs.


Hey. You're probably right that ?4800 is a bit steep, but anyone who was interested in that would try and get the price down so you should always put a price that's higher than you want to sell for i.e. ?4800 would probably sell for ?4400/4000. You car has a low insurance group, is economical and boy racers love to do them up so it will have a good resale value. try getting a parkers car guide from Asda or tesco, that will tell you what you car is worth, then just list it for a little more so when someone tries to haggle you can say ok and knock a little off, so really you'll get near to what you want. Parkers website is good to, did a search on your car…Anyway hope this all makes sense. G.




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