How much will our productivity increase when we have Universal Health Care?

How much will our productivity increase when we have Universal Health Care?

Oshawa, Ontario is the new Detroit. While Canadian and American workers are equally productive, auto manufacturers don'-t have to buy healthcare policies for their employees. Taxes are slightly higher here, but the net savings works out to about $6, 000 per employee.Preventative medicine is a huge increase in health and as a means of cutting health care costs. It can prevent people for developing serious issues that may take them out of the labour force pre-maturely.Finally, it helps the finance industry. American'-s save about -1% of their income, which is appalling. A healthy savings is about 4-8% of one'-s income. Not having to pay for health insurance will save a fair chunk of change which can then be used to pay off debts or put into savings.Source(s):Statistics CanadaLogicFareed Zakaria GPS"-The New Golden Age"- -Ravi Batra


It won't. In fact I expect a slight dip in productivity. And I expect a huge dip in the economy.


the undertakers will be booming


apples and oranges it will allow US companies to play on a more level field.


the undertakers will be booming


Not a lot. I think productivity would increase and health care costs would decrease if people just stopped wolfing down fast food and got some exercise.


Universal health care will not make lazy, poor people suddenly become hard-working members of society.



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