How much would auto insurance cost for me?

How much would auto insurance cost for me?

Okay, I HAVEN'-T gotten the car yet. This is just so I can prepare myself for when I DO get the car.I'-m 21 years old, and I'-m planning on getting a 1991 Camaro. How much would the auto insurance cost for me monthly?


Not everyone pays the same for car insurance, and there are too many variables to be able to give you anything near an accurate estimate with the information you have provided. If you want a price quote, then you can go online to GEICO or Progressive, or pick up a telephone and talk with a local insurance agent/broker.


First off, ask a parent or guardian who they have insurance coverage with. Because you can get under their policy much cheaper as a minor student than having your own personal insurance. And then you just pay your portion to said parent or guardian.Secondly, if you are not getting on someone else's policy you'll need to be the one that calls carriers meaning State Farm, Progressive, Geico, etc to run quotes. No one on yahoo answers can give you a quote because not only do you require a license for your state to run quotes but they also have to run the quote based on your city, state and zip. Also the fact that you are 17 years of age means you are a much higher risk because you are technically still rated as a "new driver"The fact you took drivers education will help a lot.When I was your age, I had a 1993 Ford Explorer and I still paid for Collision and Comprehensive coverage which was kind of dumb because I paid close to $300-350 a month in Auto insurance. My car wasn't worth paying for collision comprehensive coverage.Do yourself a favor and do what I did. Run quotes with all the carriers you can. Depending on the age of the car you do purchase, you may want to consider a Liability only policy (meaning you only carry coverage to protect yourself from any physical damage or bodily harm you cause to others property and injuries). If you want to have collision and comprehensive coverage to protect your car from damages occurring then you will pay more. The older the car you have, the cheaper to insure it usually.If you don't understand the coverages you have, don't be a dummy and NOT research it before you buy it. Ask a LOT of questions when speaking with your agent/broker. Also, DO NOT just get the bare minimum requirements because that could be scary if you cause severe damage to someone or something. I do work for an insurance company and I work the claims portion so I see the repercussions of people who are not adequately insured.I am merely a source of advice from one girl to another. And I am not legally allowed to tell you what you should do.


Depends on the level of coverage, driving record, amount of time you have been driving, if you have been insured before. So many factors. You might expect to pay $185/mo or more for that kind of car. And also what engine it has in it. Better get a 4 door sedan with a 4 cylinder engine. that would be cheaper.


Call an insurance company.


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