How much would it cost for car insurance?

How much would it cost for car insurance?

around how much would it cost to insure a 16 year old female with a 1987 ferrari 328 (roughly $28,000 on yahoo autos)?btw the insurance is aig


you should go to and if you enter your information into the form, they'll give you a quote from different companies and you can compare the different prices for different services. it saves you a looooot of time. i ended up saving about 250 dollars a year.


I know someone who is 16 he has a Lamborghini Gallardo Cabrio 5.0 V10 value $260.000 and he's paying $43.000 yearly, liability only.I bet you won't be much further off even if you go liability only as well. Possibly the value of the car each year.But this is all BS because nobody here run insurances so what's the point in asking.


take a quote to know for sure.I've bookmarked this sites to go back to…Source(s):google and bookmarks I always use


I would think around $4,000-$7000 a year, is she has no tickets. If it is too much at aig, you could always search around for lower rates.


Consult an online insurance locator and let them answer all your insurance questions and needs..I hope they can help you..Source(s):http://www.californiahealthautoinsurance…


You can check with AIG, they should be able to give you a ballpark figure online.


i think between $50K and $100K



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