How much would Workers Comp, Liability, and auto insurance be for my small business?

How much would Workers Comp, Liability, and auto insurance be for my small business?

Hello, i am in the process of starting a new business and i wanted to know how much it would cost per month to have auto insurance (for one old truck to transport employees to mow lawns, only driving within one city). Workers comp, and liability. We will make about 80,000 a year total just two or three guys (im one of them) working.


Insurance costs are going to vary based on your location. To find specifics for your situation, you need to call an insurer. The other poster did a good job in giving you some rough ball park figures but you just won't know for sure until you call around. If you are looking for some averages, here is a collection of the 16 most asked lawn care business questions.I hope it helps.


OK, lawnmowing business - no tree pruning, no snow plowing, $80,000 gross receipts, you're looking at $1500 for liability.On the truck, service use, less than 50 miles, liability only clean driving records, no drivers under 25, it will probably be about $2,000 a year.Workers comp, is going to be about 15% of payroll, or $2,000, whichever is HIGHERKeep in mind, the general liability and the workers comp will be AUDITABLE policies - so after they expire, if your business did better than expected, you'll owe the insurance company more money.



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