How sick of lawyers are you?

How sick of lawyers are you?

I dont know about your state but in Florida, every other commercial is from some bloodsucker. They want to sue truckers, bar owners, liqour stores, employers and homeowners for any reason. I am really sick and tired of them driving up drug prices, homeowners/auto/health insurance rates by suing everyone. They really must think they serve a purpose in life. Isnt it about time liberals got on the bandwagon and said tort reform now?


One of the worst things to happen to this country is the OK for lawyers to advertise on TV.The second being prescription drugs to be advertised.


Lawyers don't sue- their clients doGet your facts straight!Source(s):EDITED: And a good morning to you, sir. 'Twas a tad harsh, I admit - please don't take it personally (though, unfortunately, it seems you have). I actually do think there are several good reasons to reform the system of torts. It is, however (IMHO), the nature of today's society, not necessarily the lawyers, that is driving the wave of nonsensical litigation.:-)


They are just earning a living.


Your right I wonder if we can sue the lawyers for boring us to death with those stupid commercials.


Everyone complain on how bad lawyers are until something happens to them. Then they go in search of a lawyer to help them get a good night's sleep or untangle the trouble they've gotten themselves in.Being a lawyer is a noble profession and like anything else in life there are the few bad apples but the majority of lawyers aren't making the 6 figures and scamming everyone and anyone in sight. They are hard working people trying to provide for their families.People always qoute how Shakespeare said, "First thing, lets kill all the lawyers"It wasn't Shakespeare who said it but a character from one of his play who is a revolutionary and wanted to install himself as the King of England so he could dictate how people lived. This character knew that lawyers protected and defended citizens' rights and that as long as lawyers were around he could not take power. That's why his first step was to kill all the lawyers.Source(s):I don't play a lawyer on tv for the love of the money but for the love of the game!



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