How soon does health insurance take effect after you buy it?

How soon does health insurance take effect after you buy it?

If I bought insurance, how soon would I be able to go to get checked out and they cover it? Say they find something serious like cancer like a week after I buy it would it be covered?


Joe - While it's always to check w/ your particular insurance company, most companies will handle it the same way. Once your coverage is in force (and assuming there are no "riders" or "waivers," etc. on pre-existing conditions), then anything that happens after the effective date should be covered by the plan (again, if there are any questions, be sure to check with your agent or the company, because there are some conditions that might have a waiting period). For example, your health insurance coverage begins, say, on June 1st, and on June 10th you fall and break your leg - no problem, your covered. However, if you had a heart attack or stroke, you'd still be covered, but would find that the insurance company would probably double-check your application, etc. to be certain that this was not a known pre-existing condition that you simply didn't tell them about (this is called "underwriting at the time of the claim," and is a pretty standard insurance company practice - I know this may be hard to believe, but lots of folks try to buy insurance after they've been diagnosed with a health condition, which is sorta' like trying to buy fire insurance after your house catches fire). Assuming, though, that you've been honest and have no "history" then, again, there should be no problem.Here's a few tips:1. Only buy from the "name brand" companies (the big boys) like Blue Cross, Aetna, Humana, Cigna, etc. This stuff is too important to play around with being cheap. There are a lot of plans around that look really good and cheap - remember: you get what you pay for.2. Buy insurance, not "health care financing." You're trying to manage your risk of a large health claim, not simply find a way to pay for routine care (MD visits or prescriptions). Your auto insurance doesn't pay for routine care (oil changes, new tires, etc.), so why should your health insurance?3. While it's easy to shop online, it's a good idea to deal with someone who "specializes" (like me) in health insurance. Go to the NAHU website to find someone in your area. NAHU (National Association of Health Underwriters) is the professional association for agents whose specialty is helping individuals, families, & small employers find & purchase good health plans.Hope this helps a bit!Source(s):


I think it depends on the carrier. You would have to ask them what their rules are. Good luck!



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