How to buy a car for the first time?

How to buy a car for the first time?

My wife has great credit but does not have a license to drive and I have a license but no credit history yet. We have $8,000 for downpayment but i know we have to finance coz the car we wany cost atleast 16,000 so canmy question is when we buy a car do We have to purchase auto insurance right away like, before we take it home?Whats the cheapest auto insurance out there that works? I am 25 years old just got my license..Any advice?


A reputable dealership will require that you have insurance before you take the car home. So yes when you buy the car you have to get insurance right away. Unless your wife gets a license the car will have to be in both your names. With 8000 down on a 16000 car just about anybody can get financed by the way.


Auto insurance is required before you can drive the car off the lot. Price is impossible to estimate but the estimates are free so just start calling around and getting estimates.You'll need to apply for the loan together because you won't qualify for the loan on your own.



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