How to buy a Car From an Auction Florida?

How to buy a Car From an Auction Florida?

How do i buy a car from a car auction or insurance car auction in the state of florida whats required


All you need is your driver's license and some money to buy a car from a car auction.Source(s):


They work like any other auto auction. You must know something about cars and be able to judge a car's condition without being able to drive it, and you must know about prices (use an online price guide or a price guide book). Here's more about it:….


Usually what is required is to be a member of the auction site or place, unless its a public auction. Then you can just roll in and place your bid. You would need cash or verified bank account and they generally let you pay within 30 days. What I have done in the past is actually bid on cars through online auctions and pick them up a couple days later. They let you inspect them and see what works and what doesnt. If you are looking for a good detailed site - i would try - they have listings for the whole countrySource(s)


i know every state is differenton this site where you can search for car auctions all over the world under the FAQ and they have info on how alot of the auctions work


All are good answers. Brother - its rough out there! I am in Miami right now and went to a couple live auctions - some good stuff - but i agree with Lando - may be the way to go.Source(s)


polishplaya9999, For car insurance the easiest method to get a cheap quote is do a policy comparison. Be sure to choose the same coverage amounts, you can get an quick quote to compare against others. Use the same zip code, auto make and model, mileage and driving history to make sure you get an apples to apples comparison. To get mulitple auto insurance quotes, go to… and you can compare all the major auto insurance companies.



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