How to Create a Car insurance company?

How to Create a Car insurance company?

I have looked a website and stuff but don'-t make many sense What I really want to do open a car insurance company where people come to me and get there cars insured and if something goes wrong then i pay for them to have it fixed. But when ever i have a look it come up with agents and stuff can some one please help me i know when it starts it wont be big but then i can build upon it please help me


It costs big dollars to start an insurance company. You would need millions in backing to do so. To become an insurance agent is different. Being an independent agent you would be selling policies representing different insurance providers. Having a degree in Business Administration would be a start. A good place to start would be to make an appointment with the owner of a local independent agency and ask what is required to get into the business.


You basically just need a pile of money (or backing from some banks) and a few people who know what they're doing.The most recent successful one I can think of is a company called Safe Auto which was formed in 1993. can look around online to see how it was founded.Source(s):Motor Vehicle Damage Appraiser



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