How to find new Job abroad in US or UK?

How to find new Job abroad in US or UK?

I have a lot of US insurance experience and was looking for Job in US or UK. I do not know how to try for it, and where to start from. Can any body suggest me some options?


Your question is confusing if you have as you state "Alot of Insurance Experience" this means you have worked in the insurance field and should simply do a job search on line at i.e. or directory at the insurance company's website look for careers and apply. Happy New Year!!There are many different insurance companies that function in the United States. Here is a sampling of these insurance companies. They include:• Allstate• American National Insurance Company• Amica• Aon Corporation• Berkshire Hathaway• CNA Financial• Colonial Life• Chubb Corporation• Erie Insurance Group• Farmers Insurance• GEICO• Hanover Insurance• Infinity Auto Insurance Company• Jackson National Life• Liberty Mutual• Mutual of America Life Insurance Company• New York Life Insurance• Prudential Financial• Reliance Insurance Company• Safeco• Wells Fargo• Westfield Insurance• West Coast Life InsuranceA simple way to find a US insurance company or companies is to do a Google searchSource(s):College Career Instructor



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