How to finish filing GAP Insurance?

How to finish filing GAP Insurance?

I got in an accident, just myself no other cars involved, and I need to finish filing GAP Insurance. My insurance company messed up my payments and cancelled my insurance without telling me. So, unknown to me, I didn'-t have insurance at the time. I did get the insurance to look at the car and send information to my car loan, who sent information to the GAP. I got a letter from the GAP about what they need.1. Copy of Primary Auto Insurance Companies Loss Settlement Check (which I won'-t get)2. Copy of Primary Auto Insurance Companies Acv Worksheet with Evaluation (What is this?)Copy of Accident/Investigative Report (Is this the online Traffic case summary of my ticket they gave me?)Any info would be helpful.Also, do you have to be current on car payments to file GAP?


As a general rule, when you have auto insurance and GAP insurance, and (IF), your car is totaled, then the auto insurance pays you ACV (actual cash value of the vehicle) and (IF), this is not enough to pay off the car loan, then GAP will pay the difference. All you pay is the deductible out of pocket which is usually about $500.Also, when you have a car loan, you MUST have full coverage till your car is paid off. The insurance company will show the name of the lender on your policy, and (IF), you fail to make payments, they will notify your loan company that your policy lapsed. At that time, most loan companies will add "forced" insurance, meaning only for the car, but not for liability. When they do this, they will usually add to your loan payment to cover "forced" insurance."Technically", if you are behind on payments, then the GAP insurance would subtract out the amount you owed and behind and still would have to pay back to the lender.Also, when they cancel your insurance, they will always send you a letter notifying you of this and is required by law. Most likely would get a letter stating, must pay in 10 days and then a 2nd letter stating your policy lapsed.1- So if policy cancelled or lapsed, no settlement from auto insurance, nor a check.2- ACV worksheet, most likely wont have, if policy cancelled or lapsed, since, why would they do this to get a value, if there is no coverage. (Or, they "might" have, since just in case that you can prove that you in fact had insurance) This worksheet is only an appraisal of the damages, plus the value of your car .3- Can go to the police station and get a copy of the report, most likely will cost you about $5 to $10.So, (IF), your policy was not in force, then GAP does not pay and you would be on the hook for the entire loan on this vehicle till paid off.You can contact the Insurance Department in the state where you live and file a complaint. The insurance company will then have 30 days to validate that your policy was cancelled or lapsed.Also, contact the lender to see if they placed "forced" insurance on your car. But,,,,if you were behind in payments, then you would not have been paying for this forced insurance.This does not look good for you, but file a complaint, talk to the lender and get some answers.good luck



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