How to get car rental insurance in Canada?

How to get car rental insurance in Canada?

I am from BC. I will be travelling to Edmonton, Alberta soon and along with my cousin, we are planning on renting a car from Edmonton to travel to Calgary.I have looked at prices online and even called few rental places (numerous times, I have been given different quotes over the phone - which is ridiculous). Anyways, what I am not able to understand is how we go about getting insurance. We are both under the age of 25, over 21. I understand that we will have to pay an underage driver fee. We both don'-t own cars so we don'-t have auto insurance of our own. Neither do we both have credit cards - I read online that some credit card companies can cover you for car rental insurance if you make a full payment using that card.(Both of us have BC licenses, in case that matters.)So my question is: how do we get insured when we rent the car?PS - Can someone else pay for it using their credit card and we still drive? (a parent or a bf)


They usually offer you insurance right then and there at the rental place. But every place has their own rules and policies. You're best bet would be to check with whoever you're planning to rent the car from.


It depends upon the car rental company as some companies include insurance amount in their final quote and some don't. So people have insurance on their credit cards so they prefer renting car on them rather than taking any extra insurance. The person who is paying through his credit must be present at the time of handling of car and the other person which are entitled to drive the car must be specified as additional driver.Source(s):


HeyProbably best to check with your credit card company to make sure if you're covered or not.We've used Lynx Car Hire a few times, their rates are very good especially if you're on a budget! I'd recommend them.Good luck with the trip!Source(s)


Yes some high end credit cards will cover a rental vehicle if you charge the entire rental fee on the credit card, subject to certain restrictions. Beyond that your only option is to purchase the insurance offered by the rental company.



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