How to get Farmers good student discount?

How to get Farmers good student discount?

I just got my driver'-s licence a couple of weeks ago and my dad got me some farmers auto insurance. they asked me for my grades but i'-m a freshman in college now and i don'-t really have any grades yet. i didn'-t do to well in high school, i had a 2.75 GPA. Do i have to send them my high school transcript or do i tell them that i'-m in college and i don'-t have any grades yet?also could i Photoshop my high school transcript? will they believe it or what?


If your grades are not up to their standards, then you can't get the discount. A 'C' average probably won't cut it, but ask your insurance agent to get the full details.You can 'photoshop' anything you want, but it's not that hard to check, and if you are caught cheating, the company can refuse to cover you OR your dad.



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