How to get into a new Car Insurance?

How to get into a new Car Insurance?

About 1.5 yrs back my wife scratched another car while parking. The claim was settled using insurance. The expense was about $1500. Ever since that the insurance company, AAA, has been increasing our premiums by abt $35 on every renewal. Now I cannot switch or shop with other insurance company since they give quotes much higher than this company. But apart from this one incident we do not have anything else on our record. Also I get discount for Home+Auto insurance. The company increased prices on our Home Insurance too. I am badly stuck with this company now. I would like to buy Auto+home from one company itself. But I really cannot move my Auto Insurance. Please give suggestions.


They seem to be the cheapest, so what are you complaining about? I would check into higher deductibles to lower your insurance cost.Drives me crazy (no pun intended) for someone to put a claim in on their insurance, expect the company to pay (in your case, $1500.) and then switch carriers. They paid your claim, didn't they? Boo, hoo, your rates increased.


If you are getting quotes much higher than what you are paying now, why switch? Until your premiums meet up with the other quotes, just stay with them. I hate insurance! Probably as much as all other people...I call it a necessary evil!Just stay with the best rates, they are a good company. Just because of the accident doesn't necessarily mean that why the rates are going up. Everything is going up, it's the economy now...Good Luck!


The best thing for you to do is to get free comparison quotes. You may not be as "married" to this insurance company as you think. There are many insurance companies that give large discounts for multiple types of insurance. The following site has a great free comparison quote feature.Source(s):…


Yes, you CAN move from that company, what you're saying is, you don't want to because they are cheapest!!So, what you are saying . . . you don't want to be with them because their prices are too high, but everyone else is much higher.Um, that tells me their prices are pretty darned good.If you REALLY hate them, less than $2 a month is NOT a bad premium to pay!!!!Source(s):agent, 20+ years



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