How to get started in the car hauling business?

How to get started in the car hauling business?

I have been thinking about getting into the car hauling business, but I have a few questions I need help with. First what type of insurance will I need besides covering the truck and trailer? What type of licenses will I need? And how can I start setting up contracts? I live in the southwestern PA area if anyone knows of any dispatchers around here. Thanks in advance and have a great day.


to get started you'll need a truck obviously...and a CDL license...then i'd say contact small car dealerships that may need many cars transported at one time from auto auctions to their retail locations!!! they would be your best type of customer!!!...then their word of mouth...and the people you meet at the auto auction locations will get you a ton more business!!!


Go to the blog, "How to Become an Owner Operator and Make Money in Trucking" (listed below) for answers to a lot of your questions about getting started in a business. It has information on insurance, licenses (business and vehicle), how to spec equipment, and lots more.Source(s):…


start by working with a car hauler company,and learn the equipment,routes.make friends in the business.then after a couple of years go ready a big car hauler rig is very like $250k.used in the $100kso start small.a pu truck,with a 3 car trailer will set you up in the $50k about $1k a are goin to need a commercial plate for pu dmv on cost.



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