How to rebuild a salavage car title?

How to rebuild a salavage car title?

I found a few cars at a online auto auction that I would like to bid on but before I do that I need to do a little research being that I do not know anything about cars :/ . Atleast three cars I found have no damage but they have salavge titles , what does salvage title mean and how do I get that fixed / transferred to a clean title? Any additional information on what I need to know about cars would be helpful as well . Thank you for your time &- help in advance.


Depending on the state you live in, a salvage title can be issued if the car sustained damage that exceeds 75% of the car's actual cash value (the percentage varies). Sometimes hail damage will give a car a salvage title and some states issue salvage titles to theft recovery vehicles that have no damage. So, you have to be careful when you buy one and hope the damage is either light crash damage or simply cosmetic. And hope the airbags weren't deployed. A carfax could help there but it's not 100% reliable.Once a salvage title always a salvage title and the title brand reduces the value of the car by at least 35% (once it's rebuilt).


A salvage titled vehicle means that an insurance company has devalued the vehicle for various reasons. They totalled out the vehicle and paid the owner the full value and the vehicle was then turned over to a salvage/junk yard and is now being sold as a salvaged/rebuilt vehicle.It will never again be issued a clean title, because the insurance company will not pay the full value twice on the same vehicle.This stems from the old days when a guy wrecked his car and the insurance paid off and then he kept the car and wrecked it again and expected to be paid off at full value again. The laws were changed to protect the insurance companies from that type of fraud.



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