How to remove a scratch from a window without replacing it?

How to remove a scratch from a window without replacing it?

A coworker just scratch a window he was cleaning, and we have already tried everything, like toothpaste and some other stuff we bought on autozone... but nothing seems to work... we can'-t replace the window, we need to fix it as soon as possible.. please tell me about something that will really work.. thanks!!!!!!!! i'-m desperate.............


if you scratched a window, it likely isn't glass. I don't think anything will fix it.


There is a filler that is available through auto glass shops. I am not sure how well it works on window glass. It will probably still be slightly visable though.


jewellers rouge, make into a paste, and rub with a circular motion


Okay do you watch television. Well any way if you do theres this commercial I saw where they have like this sealer type stuff for glass. Well my grandma has some and I was riding my bike and stood my bike up and when I going into the house I slammed the door and somehow the bike fell on my brothers Porsche' (he was pissed) but near the top of the window was a long scratch we used the stuff for 3 days and it was gone on the fourth!


you might stand back and throw a tire Thu it like the lady in the tire add.Or put a decal over it then whoever removes the decal will think they scratched it.Do you have insurance?I wouldn't even try fixing it probably make it worse.fess up the owner might work something out.


Sometimes scratches can be buffed out with polishing rouge. The cost of the material alone would be more than the cost of replacing the glass.Check with any glass shop. They should have the material and equipment.



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