How to shop for this insurance bundled?

How to shop for this insurance bundled?

I am not happy with my current agent and would like to shop for new. I need 3 types of insurance: 1 - a home I own in another state that I currently rent out. 2 - renters insurance for my current residence. 3 - auto insurance. The agents I have contacted have an easy enough time with my auto and renters, but when it comes to including my home in another state, they say they can'-t help me. I'-d like one agent, one company. Any suggestions?


You're going to need a LARGE agency, maybe a VERY large one, that has multiple branches, and multiple licenses in multiple states. Most likely, it will be an independent agency.The best short cut, is to call national carriers, ask if they write in both states, and then ask for a local agent. But if your "other state" is a high risk state, like Florida or Louisiana, you're probably going to have an easier time finding an agent in THAT state, who might have a license in YOUR state.Maybe you should repost, and tell everyone WHICH two states you're looking for.


In order for an agency to write your business in another state the agent must be licensed in the state where the home is located. That's usually very tough to find unless the agent is located on a state border there's usually no reason for them to carry two different state licenses.



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