How will my auto insurance claim work out?

How will my auto insurance claim work out?

My boyfriend and I got into an accident, where he was at fault. Although he was the driver, the car'-s mine and I'-m insured under it. I'-ve already filed an insurance claim and I'-m getting an appraisal right now. The car had extreme damage to the front (hood crushed, bumper torn out, headlights busted, grille pushed in, radiator cracked, and antifreeze liquid leeking out). The car is a 2006 Toyota Avalon w/ 24,000 miles on it. Is it possible that it'-s totaled?It'-s been days since the accident and we'-re both suffering back and neck pain. If we go to a chiropractor, how will the insurance money be paid out? Also, how does the Personal Injury Protection coverage work? Is it the same as pain &- suffering? Do you ever come up short with money for the bills? I'-m real clueless as to how this ordeal will work out. Help!


Since the car is in your name, and he was driving it with your permission, the claim will be made to your insurance, since insurance follows the vehicle, and not the driver. It is very possible that your car is totalled, there could be more damage that you dont know about under the hood, or in the frame or suspension. The vehicle and injurys will be handled like this: The vehicles damage will be handled under collission coverage, you will be compensated for the damages to the vehicle, and it will be repaired, or if its totalled, they will pay the loss-payee if there is one first, and then you, all payouts will be minus your deductible. The injurys for your boyfriend will be handled under your medical payments coverage, and if it exceeds that amount, it should be covered by the bodily injury coverage. Your injurys will only be covered by the medical payments coverage, and if it exceeds, you will have to pay the rest, or claim it with medical insurance if you have it. Any other questions, call your insurance agent, he/she can help.Source(s):Im an independent insurance agent.


It all depends on your insurance.pip or personal injury covers 10,000 on you. If your boyfriend has pip on his vehicle it will cover him as the driver in your car. Thats the limit unless you have other optional coverage like health insurance, med pay, uninsured motorist.The person in the other car will not come up short but you might because you had the options when you took out the policy. If you don't have enough coverage to pay the other person they can and probably will sue you.A car gets totalled when it cost more to fix it than blue book value. You car lost 1,000's of dollar in value the day you bought it and that will not be replaced. The only way to get replacement value on a vehicle is to purchase GAP which ecspecially is for the purpose of covering replacement value.The fact is that if they do repair it, it has now been in involved in an accident so your future trade in value just went out the window.Good luck and if it makes you feel any better (meaning your not alone) I was rear ended by a Loomis Fargo money truck today in my only ever new 2007 car!


It is probably not too likely it is totaled with a 2006 Avalon. Run blue book on it and compare the value to the shop estimate.The Personal Injury Protection on your car pays the medical bills at 100% for you and your boyfriend up to whatever limits your policy sets. A chiropractor should be able to bill your insurance company direct. Personal Injury (PIP) also covers prescriptions.It's not the same as "pain and suffering". The pain and suffering part would go to the people you ran in to, so it's for people that you injure.If you continue to treat your conditions long into the future, your insurance company could review the claim and stop paying for treatment. That doesn't usually happen for a long while. I hope you are not so injured that you have to keep treating for a long time.


the paassenger should be covered by third party which is part of your registration. unless your boyfriend was on the ins. they will hit you hard for it. so next time if you havent nomate him as a secondry driver. that should cover your bases.


Have you read your insurance policy?Thats a good place to start getting some answers to some serious questions .



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