How would auto insurance company know if I am unemployed?

How would auto insurance company know if I am unemployed?

I noticed someone posted that their auto insurance rates went up since they are unemployed. I have been unemployed since February and my rates stayed the same. I don'-t tell the insurance company that I lost my job. How will the insurance company know if I am working or not?


they do not know that. they run your credit so they can see if your score is decreasing.


If they checked you out with social security. If you are paying your payments on time there will be no reason to check on you, but rest assured, if you miss one payment they will be all over you.


They don't know if you are employed or not.It's not based on employment - it's based on credit score. Likely, that other person also stopped paying bills.


They don't know or care. And just because someone stated that in a posting doesn't mean that it's true. Their insurance may have been raised for other reasons.



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