I am 17, and I recently got my driver's license. Can I avoid being added to the insurance policy?

I am 17, and I recently got my driver's license. Can I avoid being added to the insurance policy?

Because my rates go really high, since I'-m a new driver. If my cars receive minimal insurance, and they'-re insured under my parents'- name, could I legally drive the cars and would the insurance pay for any liabilities?


NO---so how hard is it to understand that there is no way you can be insured ( covered for liabilties etc) unless you are insured TO DRIVE THE CAR YOUR DRIVING. ITS NOT SURPRISING THAT 17Y/O ARE EXPENSIVE TO INSURE- BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNWO HOW TO RATIONALLY THINK ABOUT HOW THINGS WORK- THIS QUESTION DISPLAYS THE PROBLEM WITH OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM --- MAN OH MAN YOUR REASONING IS WORSE THAN MY TYPINGif you are living at home , under 18 have a license and not listed as one of the insured you have not coverage--- stupid thinking--- if things worked this way then no one under 25 would bother to get insurance.


if your not on the policy your not covered and it wouldn't be legal to drive


If you want cheaper insurance take a driving course. Even though you have your license already this will reduce the price of the insurance.


In NJ, all licensed operators MUST be listed on a policy. If you do not have your own car & insurance you must be listed on their policy & you will be rated to the most expensive car (usually the newest car with full coverage). The cheapest way to go would be to buy a beater car, insure it in your own name with liability only. Your parents insurance company will want a copy of your policy to prove that you have one.Drivers cannot be excluded in NJ (sorry oklatom, some states you can, you can't in NJ). So, if you are not listed on their policy & do not have your own policy & you have an accident with one of your vehicles, the insurance company will cover the accident, they will charge your parents the additional premiums the company would have charged if you were added, BACK to the date you were originally licensed. They will probably want the money before they pay the claim, or will deduct the additional premiums from the collision check.Then, the company will nonrenew your parents for undisclosed operator (or under the 2% rule - a company in NJ can nonrenew 2% of their auto policies each year for no reason at all). They will need to tell every insurer after that they got nonrenewed & why.Also, there are now databases that can pull up every licensed driver in a household over the last few years. I don't know if your parents insurance company uses this, or if they use it on renewal, but they can. It is scary the amount of information out there if you really want it. They may find out about you anyway...Source(s):Insurance agent formerly from NJ


If you avoid being added to their policy, you would have to be listed as an excluded driver, which means you could NOT drive any vehicle. If that is what you want, by all means do that. But if you want to drive, you will need to be added to their policy, which will be cheaper than having your own policy (which you couldn't do at 17 anyway).


when you parents insurance gets renewed the company will find that you have a drivers license and the rates will jump to the moon. If they don't report you as a driver the insurance may not cover any accidents you may be involved in.



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