I am a first time buyer should I get a diesel car or petrol?

I am a first time buyer should I get a diesel car or petrol?

And what car would be good for insurance and overall cost. I want the best for overall general every day use the most cost effective.


Both have their advantages, Diesel cars last longer but they are more expensive to run and buy, plus they are harder to stall if you are quite new to driving. Petrol cars are cheaper to insure and cheaper to run. Avoid French cars, and Rovers they are a nightamre to get parts for, I would recommend something smaller like a Corsa, very easy to drive and good fuel consumption and plenty garages can service them


i think diasel is the best


1. Insurance :www.parkers.co.uk- insurance- search by group- e.g. 1www.confused.com2. Reviews :www.reliabilityindex.co.ukwww.honestjohn.co.uk- car by car breakdownwww.parkers.co.uk- owners reviews3. Deals :new - www.honestjohn.co.uk - week's best dealsused - www.autotrader.co.ukGood luck with your search.


Get a motorcycle you wuss. NO, im not kidding.


That depends where you live, in the UK , I would go with Diesel if you are a high milage driver, because your fuel consumption is far better. The down side is when things go wrong service charges are usually higher, as diesel technology improves these cars are getting better .As far as car tax goes obviously the smaller the engine capacity the better, with under 1000cc being the cheapest and going up, that all depends on your budget and style, a car that small may not suit long drives but be great for town use.


diesel..although it costs a bit more the overall run of its less because diesel mileage is more. this of course depends if you use it a lot...if you only go -25 miles a day id go for petrol.hope i havent confused you more!


In my experience a diesel is better.I've recently changed my car from a 1.6 16v Petrol Astra (1996 N) to a 1.6 8v Diesel C3 (2005 05).The 0-60 on both cars is supposed to be about the same. The petrol was doing about 35 miles to a gallon and the diesel is doing about 50 miles to a gallon.Also, the tax for a year on the petrol is ?175 and for the diesel it's just ?50. My insurance also came down by about ?30.P.S. I nearly s**t myself in the diesel the first time I overtook something it responded a lot better than I thought it would (and no turbo on it!)


Depends on what you want to spend ,how old you are ,have you just passed your test,lots depend on what you pay for insuranceIf you have just passed your test you will want to keep the cc low so a fiesta ,corsa,punto would be great ,If not a reliable car i.e start with a ford as parts are cheap work up as you go along ,happy motoring


If you want to be a boy racer you should go petrol or you'll look like a gaylord.


Diesel fuel is cheaper and you get more mpg/kmpl, but the Road Tax is quite a lot more expensive.You cannot get a diesel with automatic transmission. One day I'll understand the techical reasons behind that when I need to know, but I'm not a motor mechanic.


buy a train, so u don have 2 stress yourself with traffic


diesel cars are less on fuel but can be more expensive on insurance, but petrol cars are heavier on fuel and less on insurance, overall i have had a petrol car and a diesel and i feel that my diesel is better


saw a article in the mail on sunday unless you driving 30000 mile a year diesel become un economical as they get dearer to service and not very good for nipping around the city in do a check for insurance on www.confused .com 35 companies are scanned in one go worth a look


Go GREEN!!! Buy a hybred- or beter yet full-on electric!!!


Either a diesel or a 1 litre petrol car. Anything that's economical is normally cheap to tax & insure too. Don't forget to haggle & take a look at parkers.com to make sure you don't pay over the odds for your new car.


diesel carsv are cheeper to run , i have 306 diesel and can get around 50mpg local 54-58 mpg distance (with full load ). forget whot has been said about tax ----it goes of engine size (band 1 upto1.5 band 2 1.6 & over except 4x4 which is +?35


about town for work and groceries get a diesel, if your young and have friends get a petrol. ya can't cruise and look cool in a diesel. if you opt for a diesel get a turbo charged version. otherwise you'll have no chance of overtaking a 17 year old in a 1.3 escort with a 1.8 diesel


depends how many miles you do, only get a diesel if you do lots of miles, only way its cheaper


Well your first car eh,...with today's technolgy most compact cars are very fuel efficieant now these days. the quality depends on your initial budget! An old petrol car is a second choice if you can bare the sound of a diesel engine!


Diesel is better but don't forget that the smaller the engine the cheaper over all! If your in the UK you really don't need anything bigger than a 1.4, you get to share all the traffic jams with the faster cars just the same!


diesel have stronger engines a bit sluggish but run well when speed is up a little bit the best car Ive known of is the corsa turbo diesel wow what a great little moter cheap on insurance and reliable . I am more into vans now as boy does the motocross scene but from the pass of having cars that is the way i would go diesel and do yourself a favour go to some local showrooms/garages and take test drives you don't need to buy the first car you try but you can get a fill of all cars and wot u like and then go back and get the best deal you can possibly get hope this helps and good luck for passing your test the freedom you have now with licence and car is greatSource(s):brother in law is in trade


diesel is better


Buy diesel if you go more than 30.000 km/year.


Not enough InfoNew Cars, the Diesel makes a lot of sense, but they have come a long way in the last couple of years, and there are some old designs out there. Diesel is more economical, but less refined than petrol, also the inability to rev out makes overtaking difficult.Old Cars the diesel makes little sense as the values are higher so the fuel saving is bought by higher costs, not least more frequent services.It is about what you need, If you have 5 kids to transport a Ford Ka probably is not the optimum equally if it is just you commuting 50 miles a day on Motorways etc a nice turbo diesel 2/3 seat sports car is just the job and do you know what, nobody makes one.Far more important than generalities is do you like the specific model, can you get in and out, see out, is it comfortable, all things which become apparent on a test drive. As a baseline try a Honda Jazz 5 door, good visibility, easy to get in and out as the seats are high, logical controls, good use of interior space, even Clarkson liked it, they can be expensive but hold their value but it puts other small cars into context.



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