I am a struggling student, I am looking to lease a car no more than 3yrs old.....?

I am a struggling student, I am looking to lease a car no more than 3yrs old.....?

The problem Im having is I cant afford to pay the insurance on it! Do you know of a legite auto insurance I could use offering low interest/discounts for students :something under $200/mnth?


I would go for a loan on a car no older than 5 years. You can get them cheaper so the monthly rate is low. Go at least 60 month loan. Insurance will be less too. A $7,000 car at 60 months runs about $155/month at 9% interest. add ins. you need to know your budget first. then you will know what to shop for. A car on lease will be newer and more expensive on ins. and the payments will still be over your budget most likely. On top of that you lose the car when your done and still may have extra mileage charges. go here http://painintheexhaust.blogspot.com to look up loans and ins. quotes free. there is also a car finder that has a loan calculator as well. Any questions or help use the forum.Source(s):http://painintheexhaust.blogspot.com


Why don't you buy a car from a place that does their own financing? Then you just need liability. Plus you get to keep the car.



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