I am curious what auto insurance companies out there, don’t require social security to give you a quote?

I am curious what auto insurance companies out there, don’t require social security to give you a quote?

I have extremely good credit and would like to keep it that way. However every time a check is done on your credit report your score will drop... a negative effect indeed. Plus when you call around for auto insurance you have to call several to get a decent quote and you don’t want to give out your social security # 20 plus times in one day, not to mention the risk that runs in regards to identity theft.


A simple inquiry isn't going to ding your credit. Since most, if not all insurance companies check your credit, most, if not all of them would ask for your SSN.


They figure you just want a quote. Some people like me would not give them anything past my birthday for a quote. If the price is right...i sign up. Not mandatory by law to give your social security number until you sign up for insurance.


It seems sort of like the others are answering a different question. The question is simple: “What” insurance companies out there will not require a social-security number to give you a quote. I have the answer for you Sean, here are a few of the small amount that won't require your ss:* Safeco Insurance* Country InsuranceSorry for the first answerer- If he doesn’t agree with you, why did he need to even try to answer your question. Your social security number has nothing to do with your driving habits. We need to put pressure on politicians to change this ridiculous setback to consumers. It is frustrating to say the least in dealing with insurance companies. We need to spread California’s rules to the rest of the country some how--as they seem to be the only state that is the most pro consumer.


Depends on what state you live in, California they do not require your social Security number to retrieve your driving history. Normally when you have a non-admitted company (a company that does not generally write in the state you want insurance in) they will run your credit so that if you have bad credit is shows that you are not responsible on paying any monthly payments and your rate can be higher or they may require you to pay the policy in full.Source(s):Insurance Agent



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