I am looking for a late model used car....?

I am looking for a late model used car....?

...What is the best car to buy and how do I get a great deal?I want something that is hip and professional.


If you want to save gas go for a honda civic. I have a civic right now and it gives me over 32+ mpg.Those cars will last over 250,000 miles with no problems.If you can find a 92 and up civic ex with 150k and nothing is wrong. You should pay no more then $1500 for it. I think you can find a 96+ civic ex for $1500 but you have to look really hard and there might be some body damage to fix.I bought a 96 civic hx custom convertible with 130K miles from a seller on ebay for $700 but it has damages. Hood, quarter panel, front left fender, missing left headlight. After the test drive I offer the seller cash on the spot to end the auction early. I started out with $500 then work it up to $700. It cost me like $250 for parts and a $300 paint job. But I think I invested too much time on it. Total cost is for this car is $1500 but it's worth more then that because of the time I spent on it. I am not selling this car. This is the only convertibe civic in Seattle. If you can find a 1999 for $1500 but with a little body damage like dents, buy it! Macco can fix the dents. Just go with their cheap paint job. Bumper damage call certifit they sell fenders for $15 the hood for $90 Bumper cover meaning the plactic cover is only $65. These prices are from 4 years ago. So the prices might be higherI don't trust Ebay on their cars unless is local sellers and you get to test drive it first. Then offer them cash on the spot. start out low then go up $100 after every no answer. Only offer them up to low book trade in value. Never low retail value. This is the only way you are going to get deals.This is around 5 years ago. I found some deals at the IAA auction. But you have to pay a membership fee of around $200/yr but you get to bid on all the cars that they have weekend and online from every state. IAA is a insurance auto auction. When a insurance total a car, this is where they go to sell it. You can find some cars there that is donated too. I bought 3 cars from there a 1984 toyota camry for $150 this car gave me 32mpg wow, 92 olds cutlass supreme for $600 and 92 plymouth voyager for $150. But you have to pay some fees to get the cars out. The total came out to be around $1700 for all 3 cars after the state patrol, tabs, and the membership fees. And none of them needs fixing at all. And they all ran good. That is the good part. The bad part is 2 of them went back to IAA after I got T-bone with the cutlass after 6 month later and rear ended with the camry 2 years later. Not my fault. So I got paid for the full value from the insurance company. $3000 for the olds cutlass and $500 for the camry because of a rebuilt title and it had 230K on it. I sold the voyager for $300 to my friend 6 months ago. You just needs to know about cars before you buy one. They drive the cars up to you so you get to see it running and hear what it sounds like before you bid.


I am a bit of a Car snob, so I like Mercedes Benz cars.For example, you might be able to get your hands on a 2004 or 2005 C230, which a cool sporty sedan that is very professional, for around 15,000. Especially about now, as the new Mercedes are out and people are wanting to move up - you can certainly pay them more than they will get at a dealer.Try an ad in the paper, look on Craigslist.org and even check at dealers in your area.


if you want to make great deal, check out used government cars. they are up to 95% cheeper than other vendors.Source(s):http://www.used-government-cars.tk



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