I have a 1977 mercury marquis Is that a vintage auto?

I have a 1977 mercury marquis Is that a vintage auto?

Can I get special rates on insurance if it is? It will be only driven in the summer months.How about these vintage plates I see around town on older cars ?




You would need to contact your local "department of motor vehicles" Every state has their own rules as to how old a car needs to be to be considered a "vintage auto". As far as Insurance goes, there again you will need to shop around. Some companies do give discounts others won't.Sorry for not answering your questions, but I hope I gave you some ideas how to get them answered.


By definition it is an antique if it is at least 25 years old. Check with your DMV about plates for it.


At the very least, your vehicle qualifies as special interst. The rules on special tags vary from state to state..When it comes to insurance, firms like JC Taylor and Hancock Classic specialize in covering great old cars that don't get exercised regularly



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