I have AIG AUTO insurance and my 6 month policy just renewed?

I have AIG AUTO insurance and my 6 month policy just renewed?

few days ago. I was paying like 650$/6 months and I called to see what my renewal rate would be and he said it increased by 80$..I asked why and he said that that body shops are charging alot for repairs so therefore there is a rate increase all over the state of ct...anyone else know about this?


Yes indeed, they can do across the board rate increases if the profit margin isn't where they want it.Feel free to check rates with an independent agent to see if you can do better.


yes they can-with price of everything going up insurance no exception--try progressive-so far they have not raised my rates--lol--so far--good luck



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thumbs up to smiler for being funny, but nobody can answer this, there are way too many factors.What do you drive? where (exactly) do you live? What's your driving record? what kind of car do you drive? How much coverage do you need?You need to call them for an ACCURATE quote.good luck.

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