I have gotten 4 tickets in the last 2 yrs, what now?

I have gotten 4 tickets in the last 2 yrs, what now?

Td Bank auto insurance will not insure me or my wife this year here in Ontario, my wife has a perfect driving record- any solutions as to how my wife can get insurance? i don'-t really need to drive if she can be insured &- drive.


What now? Well, based on past experience, you are averaging 2 tickets a year, so you can expect 2 more in the coming year.Or, if the question is about insurance, your wife can get her own policy and name you as an excluded driver. Then they will base costs on her record and not yours. But (there's always a but) you can't ever drive her car for any reason.


I think if you drive this year you will get two more tickets. Soon your license will probably be suspended also.And have your wife get insurance in her name only and have you as an excluded driver.


My suggestion is trying to absorb as much information as you can(especially the information for the all related cost) before making up your mind,herehttp://www.CarInsuranceTip.infois a good one.



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